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Silicon Saga: Wreck of the Andromeda is a sci-fi dungeon crawl / card drafting game for 1 - 4 players (expands to 6) and lasts approximately 60 - 120 minutes.

Play as the member of a rag-tag crew of space marauders and loot a derelict space station. Greedy corporations control the supply to the galaxy's resources. Your crew works to take from these corporations and provide them to the people who really need them... It doesn't hurt anyone if you make a tidy profit along the way. You're looking to collect the most valuable resource of all, Silicon. Beware! Loot is not all you'll find waiting onboard the wreck of the Andromeda...


Dungeon Crawl

Explore the wreckage of the Andromeda. Place square tiles throughout the game as you discover, search and loot new parts of the research station.

Card Drafting / Deck Building

Level up, learn new skill and find new gear. Silicon Saga features two deck separate building mechanics for you to build up your crew member and crush your opponents!

Chit-pull / Pool Building  Combat System

We created a new combat system for Silicon Saga that uses markers. While exploring, use skills and gear to prepare for encounters by adding markers to your pool. There are different types of markers that have different effects depending on the situation. You'll be faced with both hostile and non-hostile encounters in Silicon Saga. When in combat, use skills and gear to draw markers from your pool. Play cards that apply to your situation and hope to draw markers that let you overcome your opponents.

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Perform Skills and use Gear to move around and interact with the Andromeda, encountered entities, and other players.


Your character's level affects the number of cards you draw and the number of actions you may perform each turn. At higher levels, you can draw and play more cards.

Gain levels by accumulating Experience Points (XP) during your turn. XP required to gain a level increases with each level gained.

Random Events or failed Encounters may cause you to lose levels.


Skills grant basic actions such as moving, drawing additional Skills, and performing additional actions. Some Skills allow you to perform combat or dialogue actions as well.


New Skills are drawn each turn based on your character's level. All unused Skills are discarded from your hand at the end of your turn. Your Skill Deck is reshuffled once it is exhausted.

Gain new Skills by spending XP earned during your turn. Skills are selected from the Skill Library, which is shared by all players.

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Gear grant combat and dialogue actions such as attacking or interacting with Survivors. Some Gear can may break when used. Gear remains in your hand and can be used once per turn unless it is broken.


Broken Gear is placed in the Gear Discard and must be repaired before it can be used again. Gear can be repaired by accessing a Fabricator at select locations on the ship and then spending the required Crafting Components.

Gear may be found while exploring the ship. New Gear can also be crafted at a Fabricator if you have the required Components. 

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Exploring the Andromeda

The Space Station Andromeda is represented by a series of tiles, which depict different areas of the ship. Explore the ship as you play by revealing and placing tiles during the game.

Tiles are separated into 4 spaces and have doors along the edge of the tile. Doors connect one tile to the next and may be locked or unlocked as indicated by a lights on the door.

Some tiles will have unique affects on player. Markers will indicate specific locations where players can search for loot.

All players begin in the same tile where the crew enters the station. From there you can split up or stick together as you begin to explore. Move through closed doors to draw new tiles and reveal new parts of the ship.


Markers on the station map tiles show locations that can be searched. A search card is drawn when moving onto these spaces. You’re searching for the most valuable of resources... Silicon. You may also find new Gear, Ammo, Food, or Crafting Components.

Items aren’t all you may find when searching, however. You could trigger an Event or encounter a Survivor who has been struggling to stay alive aboard the derelict station. 

You’ll have to be careful and plan wisely for when and where to search.

Each turn, you have a limited number of actions to perform. While searching does not always require you to spend an action, actions are required to deal with encountered Survivors or Threats. Searching near the end of your turn can be dangerous if you find trouble when you’re almost out of actions. Luckily, you’ve come equipped with a scanner that can tell you when silicon (and danger) is nearby.

The back side of each Search card indicates the level of risk when searching. The higher the risk, the higher the reward (usually). This will help to inform you when you’re close to finding nearby silicon or gear. Survivors also use gear and cybernetic enhancements constructed of silicon. The result? Your scanner can also be used to determine when someone... or something dangerous is nearby.

Pay attention to the scanner depicted on the back of the search cards as you’re exploring. It might just save your life.

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The Andromeda is certainly full of lots of great loot, but that's not all you might find aboard the station.


As it turns out, some of the former crew and their families are still living on board the wreck; surviving on dwindling resources. You might just stumble upon some of these people as you work to clear the ship of all its valuables.

Survivors may be friendly and willing to help you. Use your Skills and Gear to try and earn their trust. If that's not your style you can always try to intimidate them into giving you what you're after.

Not all Survivors will be peaceful, however. There are those who have resorted to violence to get ahead in this small, lawless society. If you're not careful, you may find yourself in a fight that you're not prepared for.

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Survivors aren't the only things living within these darkened corridors. There are larger Threats here too...

Choose which Threat to play against at the start of the game. The Threat has its own board and cards which determine how it interacts with your crew. Each Threat adds a different set of rules for a slight change to the gameplay.

Encounter and engage the Threat multiple times while you search for loot and return to your ship. The longer you spend onboard the Andromeda, the higher the Threat Level will build. Make sure you make it off before the Threat grows too powerful... or you may just get stuck here with the rest of the Survivors.

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