Character Design by Nikolay Asparuhov

3D Character Models by Renan Assuncao



Te' Serra is an orphan who grew up in the slums. Her childhood was spent looking after her little sister, Aasha. Te' Serra joined one of the many gangs who controlled territory in the underworld of her home planet. That was the closest she could get to a family and the best way to protect her sister.


She was trained how to kill. It turns out she is a natural with a rifle... with most weapons for that matter. She grew to be a respected member within her gang and was always the first choice to carry out a bounty contract. Her time on the streets taught her how to remain out of sight.

When she was offered an opportunity to leave her slum world and join a new crew, one worked to help those in the most need, she was all too eager to join. However, she wouldn't go without her sister. That's how both Te' Serra and Aasha came to be part of the crew. Te' Serra now uses her skills to protect her new family.


Te'Serra acts as the crew's guardian. She is combat focused, which makes her a powerful crew member. She is also focused on assisting other crew members during encounters with Survivors or Threats.

Te'Serra begins the game with a powerful weapon. She also has a special ability that allows her to draw extra Skill cards when assisting other players during an encounter giving her a better chance of earning a reward.

Te'Serra is well equipped to gain Silicon by earning it as a reward in successful encounters.  She has an advantage in combat from an early point in the game and is less likely to face negative consequences for failed encounters. 


Will you use her abilities to help rescue other crew members when they're in trouble or will you use your combat prowess to stay one step ahead of the competition?



Aasha was raised by her older sister, Te' Serra. They grew up together in the slums of their home world. Aasha was taught the basics on how to defend herself. She did what she had to in order to survive. She always had a knack for finder her way through the dense metropolis  and she habit of always trying to find the most efficient route between two places.

The skills she picked up in her childhood served her well once she joined the crew along with her sister. The Captain took a shine to her immediately. He brought her under his wing and trained her how to pilot a spacecraft. Today, Aasha is capable of flying just about anything and can usually out maneuver anyone that tries to get in her way. She still holds onto her obsession with efficiency and always makes sure she is prepared with knowledge on the layout of any place she enters.


Aasha serves as the crew's navigator. She has access to the blueprints of the Andromeda, which gives her a special focus on revealing new parts of the ship as the crew explores.

Aasha begins the game with a unique Skill that allows her to reveal multiple areas of the Andromeda at once when played at the right time. She also has a special ability that can be activated once per turn which allows her to peek at the top 2 ship tiles and decide whether to return each tile to either the top or bottom of the stack.

As the Navigator, Aasha is well equipped to have stay ahead in the race to obtain Silicon and prove she is the best in the crew. When used appropriately, her unique skill and abilities allow he more control over the discovery of the ship. They can be used offensively or defensively as many ship tiles have specific effects on crew members in those tiles. Some of these are good... some not so much.


Will you use her abilities to help the group or to stay one step ahead of the competition?



Oozu comes from a culture where mindfulness is revered. He gained fame among his people when he showed the ability to influence others using only his mind. He was idolized for his gift. That fame turned to notoriety, however, when he turned his abilities on a well known nobleman in a moment of rage.


Ever since, Oozu has been shunned by the people of his home world. He fled and made his way from planet to planet searching for some place he felt he could belong. His abilities were noticed by one of the great crime families and he was forced to do their bidding.

Eventually, the Captain found and freed Oozu from their control. He now runs from his past, never staying still for long.


Oozu prefers to avoid conflict, though he can certainly protect himself when required. He possess a supernatural ability to influence living and non-living things with his mind..

Oozu is highly capable at gaining peoples trust since he can influence their opinion of him. He is also able to move objects with telekinesis, which allows him to search nearby areas. He has a unique skill which allows him to detect nearby danger or Items.



RB-C06 started life as a member of an elite Peace Keeper unit known as the Needle. An unthinking, machine created to wage war in the name of the Final Federation, he died in service to the galactic government.

While on a mission to collect scrap to sell, the crew found the broken remains of RB-C06 and immediately recognized the value of their discovery. With the help of Amia the Mechanic, the crew was able to not only restore the war machine to life, but also to reprogram him. He is now a caring, free-thinking member of the crew tasked with protection of the other members. RB-C06 may not be the best when it comes to holding a conversation, but there is no one better suited to watching your back in a fight.

Brute - NoBG.png
Render - Front.png

RB-C06 is affectionately nicknamed 'Arby' or 'the Brute'. He serves as the crew's muscle. He possesses extensive knowledge on all types of weapons, a powerful mechanical body, an a radioactive core that can be focused into a beam of pure destruction.

He begins the game with a many combat focused skills as well as his custom assault rifle that is capable of inflicting a lot of pain on his enemies. He doesn't have many dialogue skills, but when you're essentially a mini-tank, you don't really need those. 

Arby was built for battle. When engaged with hostile entities, he can use his mechanical body to perform a free attack allowing him to draw an extra marker from his pool.