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Silicon Saga is a sci-fi dungeon crawler board game set aboard the Andromeda, the floating wreck of an orbital research station.

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Join your friends and family as you take on roles as a members of a crew of space marauders looking for their next big payday. You've stumbled upon the Andromeda or at least the remains of it. Explore the floating wreckage of the derelict research station that orbits a mysterious black hole.

Play cooperatively, play competitively or play alone without changing the rules. Support 1-4 players and can be expanded to support up to 6.

Explore the spacecraft, revealing new areas as you go. Search location of interest to find valuable resources or waiting dangers. Face down surviving remnants of the ships crew and survive the onslaught of more sinister threats as you make your getaway.

Rusted Gear Games is a board game publisher founded in 2020.  We're currently developing our first board game, Silicon Saga: Wreck of the Andromeda.